Offers to Sell

1. Fine Papers

These high quality papers are 100% Canadian made. Rockland Recycled Fine Papers and E-Friendly Recycled Linen Embossed Fine Paper meet EPA and global recycling grade standards. Bolshoi Fine Papers are made of virgin pulp fibres. All brands are alkaline and permanent, laser printer guaranteed and ink-jet printer compatible. Available in matching writing, text and cover grades. See below for more specifications.

2. New Offer! Latex / Alpha Base Papers

Good quality stocklot rolls of white, cream-white and colored latex alpha / base papers of varying opacity in a range of basis weights and sizes suitable for further compatible treatment, coating, or converting. Durable paper with tear strength and cloth-like feel. Good flexibility to lie flat, fold well, and trim cleanly without fraying. See below for specifications.

Latex / Alpha Base Papers

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3. New Offer! Laminating Overlay Transition Papers

Good quality stocklot rolls of lightweight, white and colored laminating overlay transition papers suitable for printing and further converting. Paper has qualities of bright finish, good flexibility to lie flat, fold well, trim cleanly without fraying, and a "silky" feel. See below for specifications.

Laminating Overlay Transition Rolls

4. Coated Papers

We can supply a special inventory of prime printers’ surplus of matte and gloss coated woodfree converting rolls at competitive prices! See below for specifications.

Coated Woodfree Converting Rolls

5. Security Papers

We can design and custom-make high quality security papers complete with strong post-sale technical and marketing services. We work with you and our manufacturer to achieve superior security standards. Throughout our business relationship, we keep you updated on trends in the paper market and advise you of solutions beneficial to you and your customers.

For specifications, please e-mail Forte Gerardo at

If the product you require is not listed, contact us by e-mail at, or by fax at 905-727-7509. We will work with you to find the product you need for the best value.

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