Services We Provide

Product Searching and Sales Offering

Guided by your specifications, we research North American industries and companies for the most apt product with the highest possible value at a competitive price, and report back to you with a negotiable Offer To Sell.

Products We Trade

We trade in forestry products. We are especially strong in the pulp and paper industry, buying and selling specialty fine and security papers. We also promote very good quality stock lot inventories of coated and latex base grades. See our Products We Offer page for details.

Purchasing Management

Upon your acceptance of the offer, we will arrange L/C banking, pre-shipment inspection, shipping, forwarding, insurance, and then, if need be, take part as broker or principal to complete a bankable sale for your North American supplier. We can expertly manage your trial shipment prior to scheduled importations.

Trade Promotions

Through qualified fairs and seminars, and our frequent inter-continental flyer, The Filinter e-Trading Flyer, we regularly inform you about specific opportunities with our exporting clients.

Commercio-Diplomatic Consulting

In our work overseas we collaborate with Canada’s Trade Commissioners and with US Commercial Attachés, as we do with your country commercio-diplomatic officials in North America, ensuring in all instances that their services and contacts are best utilized in support of your interest.

Filinter Group Trading is listed in Strategis Canadian Company Capabilities, a useful service developed by Industry Canada designed to link Canadian business to global market opportunities. We are also listed in Canada's WIN Exports database.

NAFTA Insider

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of Canada, Mexico, Chile, and the United States has formed what may be the most capacious consumer and industry supply region. Here, Filinter Group Trading will be your situational guide. Our services can be reciprocally valuable if your company also seeks to export your products or services to the NAFTA market.

Do you seek good profit through increased and stable trading with NAFTA exporters?

Filinter Group Trading is a truly effective sourcing, buying and marketing agency inside NAFTA. Tell us what you require and we will find your suppliers in North America.

Let’s cooperate for long-term business deals. 

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