Prime-making orders
High quality papers 100% made in Canada including Recycled-fibers furnished plain, smooth, matt, glossy or linen Embossed.  These Fine Papers meet EPA and global recycling grade standards. All brands are alkaline and permanent, laser printer guaranteed and ink-jet printer compatible. Available in matching writing, text and cover grades. Interested?  Contact us for samples and specs.

We can design and custom-make high quality security papers complete with strong technical services. We work with you and our manufacturer to achieve superior production in secure facilities that use high safeguarding technologies.  Contact us for available samples of typical projects.

CCNB, CCWB, Chipboards and CC-colored backs.
Copy Papers in Letter, A4 and Legal sizes.  Export quality.
Synthetic papers

B-Grade Specialty Papers

Good quality stocklot rolls of white, cream-white and colored latex -added base papers of varying opacity in a range of basis weights and sizes suitable for further compatible treatment, coating, or converting. Durable paper with tear strength and cloth-like feel. Good flexibility to lie flat, fold well, and trim cleanly without fraying. Contact us for samples and be included in our list for current offers.

Coated and Uncoated Woodfree Converting Rolls (joblot quality) -- including milk cartons, cup-stocks, file folders, boxes and boards in rolls or sheets

Raw Materials

ISRI Graded Paperstocks: OCC, ONP, OINP, PS-17
Softwood-for-pulp and paper manufacturing - in chips or logs.
Pulps for paper and board production.

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